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Mare Care - Foaling, Breeding and Foals
There are many stages to the Breeding process. Each mare must be in top condition prior to conception. Mares are closely monitored prior to going to the breeding shed for this very reason. We have a Teaser on the farm, and in most cases, have been successful in one cover. Foaling mares are monitored 24 hrs. a day prior to foaling, at no additional charge. Once on the ground, the Foal is also closely monitored and our Veterinarian will check it's blood to make sure it has everything it needs to grow into a strong healthy individual. Foals are haltered at birth, and there is Never a charge for a Nursing Foal. Our Veterinary team is only about 10 minutes from us, and can be here quickly, 24 hrs. a day, in case of an emergency. Mares and newborn Foals are always turned out in a private paddock, a few hours at a time, weather permitting, until the Foal is strong enough to stay out longer.
Moss Lake Farm Services - We are always available to you
​We offer year round or seasonal Boarding and specialize in Thoroughbred Broodmares and raising their Foals. One thing that separates us from other farms, is that we perform many services on a complimentary basis. Worming is done at cost and there is no charge for bandaging or ointments unless it requires special vet medication. There is no charge for us to handle Foal registration and take pictures, you pay only the Jockey Club fee, infact, you get a Complimentary Photo of your horse each month. Daily grooming is always part of your horses care at Moss Lake. Foals are taught to lead at an early age, not just follow the mare, and are handled each day at no additional charge.
​Layups and Racehorse Turnout
We have an experienced staff for Layups and Rehabilitation, to help your Thoroughbred make it back to racing.We personalize your horses exercise routine, designed to accommodate your horses specific needs, including special veterinarian instructions. Daily bandaging (if required) and grooming are part of your Layups day. The feed program is designed for your horses specific needs, also. If turn-out is part of his day, he will go in either our 7ft. tall, all wood round pen (full of grass and very safe for a fit Racehorse) or private paddock if he's able. There is never a charge to administer medications required by a Veterinarian after surgery or by a Trainer.
Sales Prep
All Thoroughbred Yearlings going to the Sale receive special vitamins and additives (if needed) to help your Yearling fill out and look his/her best. Daily grooming, and bathing, with special attendtion to your horses coat condition, is always part of Sales Prep. We have a large all wood round pen for exercising your Yearling, and of coarse he will be taught how walk correctly and stand properly, as well as mannors that will help your Yearling present himself at his very best, resulting in the highest possible price.
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